Karras Medical, Inc represents the following manufacturers and specific product information can be found in the “Product Category” sections listed.


Anesthesia Products

Adroit Medical
Heating and cooling pads, heat pump
(MD, DC, VA)

Waterloo Healthcare
Anesthesia carts and accessories
(DE, MD, DC, VA)

Surgery/Central Sterile Products

Silverlon/Cura Surgical
Advanced Silver Surgical Dressings
(MD, DC, VA)

Adroit Medical
Heating pads and heat pump. ThermalX Reflective blankets and apparel
(MD, DC, VA)

Critical Care Products

Kawasumi Labs
K Shield Advantage winged blood collection sets, small vein infusion sets

Port Infusion safety Huber needle kits

Belmont Instruments/MTRE
Criticool cooling system for NICU HIE babies, aEEG monitoring
(MD, DC, VA, NC, SC)

Patient Care, Emergency Care, and Wound Care Products

Burton Medical
Exam lighting systems LED and Halogen
(DC, VA)

Carolon Company
Anti-embolism stockings, health support, wound care wrap
(DE, MD, DC, VA)

Cooling/heating therapy for pain relief
(DE, VA, NC, SC, Southeast PA)

Waterloo Healthcare
Treatment carts for isolation, patient rooms, bedside and medication.
(DE, MD, DC, VA)



Upcoming Events

December 9-13, 2022
PGA Anesthesia
New York City, NY

February 4,2023
VANA Winter Workshop, Westin Richmond, VA

April 1-5, 2023

Association of perOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Congress

San Antonio, TX

July 2023
HIRA/IMDA Conference

October 13-17,2023

Anesthesiology 2023 (ASA)

San Francisco, CA

October 27-29, 2023
Maryland CRNA Annual Meeting
Washington, DC